Intelligent Sensors

We provide intelligent sensor solutions characterized by low power, superb reliability, compact size, high levels of integration and unmatched ease of use. ?

Our diverse sensor product portfolio includes optical sensors, digital I2C relative humidity and temperature sensor ICs, biometric sensors, magnetic hall effect sensors and capacitive touch sense microcontroller devices for a variety of applications.?

? ?Biometric ?Humidity ?Magnetic ?Optical ?Temperature
Sensing Technology PPG based HRM Capacitance Hall Effect IR, ALS, UV Delta Vbe
Package Type Module, Optical QFN DFN, QFN SOT23, TO92, DFN Module, Optical QFN DFN, QFN
Power Consumption 27.1 μA @ 25 Hz 1.8 μA @ 1 Hz (high resolution) 400 nA @ 5 Hz 3 μA @ 1.25 Hz 195 nA @ 1 Hz
Max Accuracy 3 % .9mT BOP 0.1 °C
Interface I2C, SPI I2C, PWM I2C, GPIO, PWM, Analog, SENT I2C I2C, GPIO
Featured Product Si117x Si7021 Si7210 Si115x Si705x
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